My name is Srividya Kannan Ramachandran. The purpose of my art is to delight those who set aside searching for purposes in life, if only be so for the brief time they spend gazing at my work.

As a meditation student for the past three decades, I find that beneath the ever-running reductionist outer mind, we are all blessed with a silent mental substratum. Reposing in this substratum – termed ‘chitta’ in Sanskrit –  yields a serene sense of bliss as also an effortless identification with a universal transcendent self. Seeking to understand the factors preventing us from resting perpetually in this tranquil chitta, I found that there are deep grooves representing innate propensities embedded in our sub-conscious that impel and compel us to get agitated in Pavlovian reflexive fashion.

The aim of my art then is to gently attenuate these propensities by directly coloring the chitta and inducing in it a sense of “impersonal” delight that is distinct from the usual responses of either personal joy or personal disappointment.

Since verisimilitude is processed and blocked off by our analytical outer mind, I concentrate on the abstract which by its very nature has to be appreciated by our silent subconscious.  Art when perceived by this inner intuitive self, escapes the confines of the artist’s work itself and is reborn on every gaze with a unique effect within each distinct individual.

Intending to serve as a personalized psychological therapeutic, I present my art to co-travelers who search with me for the kingdom of heaven on this very earth that we inhabit.