The act of painting is sacred to me. I feel that each of the paintings I have made, gets created despite me. I feel drawn to capture a painting as the inspiration passes through me briefly. It is a privilege to be able to experience the making of a painting. The poet Ruth Stone talks of her creative process in the same way -

“…I know that a poem will happen and later I will look at it, and say: Wow, where did that come from? how did I do that? I didn't set out to do that, but the neural connections are so fast, the body, the self is so slow, (laughs) that you're kind of astonished. It's odd.”  (Ruth Stone)

When looking at the paintings, I ask that you please stop trying to process the painting intellectually. Instead, I nudge you to try to identify the emotional or physical reaction you have to these paintings. Most of these works are not meant to agitate you, but yet I am hoping they evoke an emotional reaction.