On never being lost.

This dog...
Is constantly running around town,
Oblivious to purpose.
The incessant fear of getting lost,
And of forgetting his way home-
These are his only reality.

He notes everything he sees. 
The landmarks, the intersections,
The shops, the train stations,
The restaurants, the police stations,
The tourists, the locals, 
the happy and the sad.

He resolves to note everything down,
Because he doesn't want to be lost.
One day, fairly tired from the running,
And the noting,
He sits down for just one second.

And asks just one question- "Why?"
And at that very instant,
He feels a slight tug around his neck,
He quickly turns around, paranoid.

In yet another frantic moment,
He sees the Master,
He sees that he was never running alone.
He finally sees the leash. 

And when he turns his gaze ever so slightly upward-
The Master's kind countenance is
Gently smiling down upon him.
And in that instant he knows that
He could never be lost...

Feb 8, 2016