Saturday Mornings

My eyes stare at a crack in the blinds through which daylight is struggling to pour in.
While the church bells toll in the background,
and the birds chirp outside my window,
my husband plays a warm tune
On YouTube.

The smell of hot milk and instant coffee wafts in through the door
That he intentionally left open…
so I could be nudged into starting my day soon.

Meanwhile the warm blanket is fully bunched up on my side
Leaving little warmth for the husband I share the bed with.
That makes me smile;
perhaps that's why he loves warm music!

A million unidentified feelings run through my being,
With countless to-do lists that may or may not get done today.
Yet my body still wants to be motionless under this warm blanket.
Aah-sweet Saturday mornings!

April 8, 2017