The Difference...

In shame...
One man wishes he were invisible to all,
While the other still has his head held high,
Never giving up his fight.

In grief...
One man wishes to annihilate himself,
While the other continues to plod along,
Oblivious to what grief means.

With a single loss...
One man has lost everything he ever had,
While the other moves on,
With not even as much as a tear.

Amidst difficult people...
One man has built a wall around him,
While the other continues to love and laugh,
At the drama that life holds in store.

In fatigue...
One man has dropped to the earth in desperation,
While the other goes on working,
Like fatigue could never stop him.

In death...
One man has lost the battle,
While the other has just begun,
another wonderful journey.

The difference is...
One man fights, thinking him to be the actor
While the other knows himself to be but the instrument.

-Srividya (Feb 2, 2011)